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Fair College Technology providers.
 Fair College Technology providers.
Every year in the last week of January Rafael Landivar University conducted a fair of equipment suppliers and technology programs for students teachers and administrators.

Several companies presented their products and services, and market the best deals for college students.
These companies market their products directly to visitors and submit bids in many cases are valid for two months or more.

The card of the University College is also a means of obtaining these offers during the year in many of the participating companies.

A comment from an employer exhibitor is "this time we have directly which is the trend, the fashion and taste what college students have in relation to the acquisition of technologies is a developer event year after year.
This has ensured good business every year "

The event takes place Plaza Covered place where thousands of students pass every day.

For more information on dates, prices, marketing support please contacto:
Milca Perez
Tel: (502) 2367-5053, 55 and 56
Cel (502) 5159-6921
( By: CorpoEventos , 09/02/2010 )

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